Step by Step Guide For Zoho One Single Sign – on.

 Zoho One is a cloud based service for the Single Single Sign – On (SSO) solution. But since not many people are familiar with this service and do not know exactly how to go for the CRM login, we are here with the full guide for the login procedure of the same.  

Zoho One login
Instructions to follow to login into the Zoho One Single Sign- On –

  1. Firstly you have to login into the miniOrnage and go to the home page. 

  2. Now, you have to look for the Apps followed by Manage apps to go for the Zoho One login

  3. Now, in the option saying Add application you have to look for Choose application type and then hit on the Create App button. 

  4. At this step you are supposed to look for the Custom option and after finding it you have to click on it to set up your app via Custom SAML App. 

  5. Now, you have to fill up some additional details like the Policy name, password from the First factor type and then save it. 

  6. Once, you will save it you can get the access to your Zoho login and use its features that are provided to its users. 


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