Why Can't I Add My AOL Mail To My iPhone

AOL is one the most popular email services with millions of users. Sometimes, the mail fails to add in the iPhone. Sometimes, you can login but you will not be able to download any attachments. In some cases, it would have worked fine but because there are some troubleshooting that you found, you uninstalled and now while you reinstall you are not able to add your mail. 

AOL mail on iPhone

Is your Aol email not working on iPhone?

What will happen when your email can’t be added on your device? It will look like this.
  • In the email, click on the add account option. Then click on the Aol, after that enter the username and then click next and then enter your Aol password and click sign in.
  • Now an agreement option will appear, when you click on agree you can access the mail on your iPhone, when you do not agree, your mail can’t be accessed on your device.
  • But in this case, whatever you do, you will be able to access your iPhone.

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So the possible solution that we have found is to reset the network settings. It is the most simplest method to do:

  • On your iPhone click on the device settings, now your phone settings will open.
  • Then on your settings, click on the general and then there will be an option called reset.
  • Then again now a lot of options will appear, among that click on the reset network settings. (when you do this setting, you will lose all your saved Wifi passwords, so you will have to connect the passwords again.
If your AOL mail on iPhone is not working, follow this and try to fix the error.


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