What Are the Server Settings for SBCGlobal Net Email?

 The SBC global email is quite easy to set up on an iPhone. Read the blog to know how to do the same.

SBCglobal net email settings iPhone

Simple steps to set up SBC global email on iPhone

  1. Direct yourself to the settings of your IOS device, to begin with.

  2. From there, you will need to search for the "mail, calendars, and contacts" option.

  3. In the next window, click on the "add account" option that is just below the other tab in case the SBC global option is not available.

  1. Next, you will need to provide the information correctly that is given below;

  • Name: fill out your full name in this field 

  • Email: your username is your email address.

  • Password: fill out your mail password correctly in this field.

  • Description: you can anything that you want to in this field

  1. Now, click on the next button after you have entered these details.

  1. You now need to select IMAP as your account type and enter the details given below under the incoming mail server field

  • Hostname: imap.mail.att.net

  • Username: you need to enter your email address in this field

  • Password: enter your correct email password here

  1. You will need to do the same for the outgoing mail server field as well.

  • Hostname: smtp.mail.att.net

  • Username: your username is your email address for this field

  • Password: type your mail password carefully in this field.

  1. Save all of these settings and then move to the advanced tab of the SBC global account from the settings window and enter the details given below for the incoming server.

  • SSL: tick yes for this

  • Authentication: enter your password for this field

  • Server port: enter 993 in this field

  1. Now do the same for the outgoing server field

  • SSL: tick yes for this field

  • Authentication: fill out your password here

  • Server port: enter 465 in this field

These are the SBC global.net email settings for iPhone that you can use to set up your email account easily.

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